Although of english origin, Monica has lived in France since 1982 and studied nursing.

Monica's interest in healthy eating and the flow of energy that's carried through food goes as far back as she can remember. Over the years this developed into a passion. She is closely involved with the local organic food producers and will be adding that uniquely healing passion to her dishes and juices.


Monica's approachable manners and willingness to share means that you can talk to her as she prepares juices and shares her wisdom in the kitchen. Always willing to help, her down to earth approach to health and detox is refreshing and never sounds like she is preaching. In her own words 

"For me, to cleanse, detox, re-align becomes a need my body craves, after cleansing I feel alive, my head is clearer, my goals are easier to obtain, joy spreads around my aura. It is with the upmost pleasure I find my self part of this team to welcome you into the realm of the kitchen of Rawmazing Foods."

Monica is a qualified Cranio-Sacral therapist. She will be supporting you throughout your detox and is available for treatments and food coaching during the week