Programme Détox à Escouloubre

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Dates 2018

Sam Apr 21 2018

7 JoursAvril 2018 COMPLET

Retour le Samedi 28 Avril 2018

Sam Jun 16 2018


Retour le Samedi 23 Juin 2018

Sam Sep 01 2018

7 JoursSeptembre

Retour le Samedi 8 Septembre 2018

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Je vous remercie pour votre réactivité pour les conseils pour la thyroïde et surtout pour votre professionnalisme, votre gentillesse et votre sourire .... J'appréhendais le jeun mais à tort. Cette cure a été une révélation pour moi, j'en suis ravie et ce ne sera certainement pas la dernière.


Pour la première fois dans ma vie, à 67 ans, je me suis offerte une retraite de détoxication et je suis très contente de l’avoir fait! C’était une excellente purification, y compris foie et vésicule biliaire! Je n’ai plus d’éruptions cutanées sur différentes parties de mon corps et je me sens plus énergétique. Anne-Lise travaille de façon très attentive et délicate. Les bains dans l’eau thermale et les petites promenades dans les environs ont certainement contribué à mon bien-être général ainsi que les excellents jus de fruits et de légumes très variés, élaborés par Monica avec beaucoup d’amour. At 67 years of age, I went for a first detox retreat in my life and I am very happy about having done this. It was a good basic cleans including liver and gall-bladder! The skin eruptions on different parts of my body have gone and I feel more energetic. Anne-Lise is a very attentive and tactful therapist. Having a dip in the thermal water and little walks in the surroundings certainly added to my general wellbeing, not to forget the tasty fruit and vegetable drinks prepared by Monica with a lot of love and attention.


Just back from France and I would recommend this wonderful week to everyone. It was absolutely great. i loved the treatments, the juices, the thermal pool, the place, the trees, the sunshine and the fact that bathing and washing my hair in spring water did the world of good. The group was diverse and lovely and I learnt a lot.

Tracy Granger

Had a wonderful week of warmth and juices.. and my Liver cleanse worked this time! Yay. So feeling good. Anne-lise turned my life around 8 years ago. So grateful for these yearly detoxes.

Anne Fraser

A week ago I returned from Les Sources after another great detox week with Anne-lise. The treatments, the care and attention, and the accommodation make these detox weeks extremely beneficial.

Sarah Moulder-Brown

The most wonderful week. I left feeling a new person with a new body. Anne- Lise's Detox week was a great experience. Wonderful juices and the first night and last night dinners were fabulous. Lots of lovely therapies given by Anne-Lise who is really the very best. The house is in the Pyrenees with wonderful walks and all very tranquil and stress free. The sulphur hot tub is a must too. I left feeling amazing and minus several kilos. I have booked to go again next year.


I had a wonderful week at Anne-Lise's retreat. I totally relaxed and enjoyed the juices (delicious!), massages, natural thermal pool and the beautiful countryside. If I wanted to be on my own I could find a quiet spot to draw or read or go for a walk, or there was fantastic company to be had in the other like minded people. I made some lovely friends. The effects of clear mind, no headaches and the shedding of two kilos are still evident three months later. Can't wait to go again.

Shirley MacDonald

This was a thoroughly amazing week. Anne-Lise is a unique and wonderful lady, who pours so much love and compassion into each treatment. The villa is beautiful and you cannot fail to relax. The juices and broth are all carefully prepared and any extra requirements are thoughtfully catered for. I cannot recommend this highly enough - 5 stars is just not enough :)

Sabina Sirokovska

I thorougly enjoyed my detox retreat with Anne-Lise. She represents a unique blend of professionalism and human approach. Amidst pure nature of the Pyrenees, I felt I could really relax, enjoy the thermal springs, gorgeous juices and broths that made fasting a pleasure, phenomenal body massages, new exercise techniques, spiritual nourishment, and last but not least great collonics! I'll definitely come back for more. Highly recommended!